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Temple Adventures Equipment Servicing

Cost break up for regulator overhauling-

  • Labor charges per item - Balanced: 1300 INR, Unbalanced: 1000 INR. Plus 18 % GST.
  • Spare parts - Approx 1200 INR per kit, dependant on model (3-4 kits per full regulator set) Plus GST
  • Shipping costs - Dependant on location, method and carrier
  • Other (Misc charges)

- Dirty/unserviced surcharges @ 50% of total labor cost

- SPG o-rings, PG/DG servicing, LP hose o-ring replacement

- Replacement of hoses (HP or LP), QD schrader valves/o-rings, mouthpieces or gauges



Service Kit, Mark 2 Evo


Service Kit, Air 5


Service Kit, Mark 25 Nitrox


Service Kit, A700


Service Kit, R095/R195/R295/R395/R190


Service Kit, G250V


Service Kit, S600/S550/G500/G250HP/G200B/Bal. Adj.


Service Kit, Mk 17 / 19


Service Kit, C300 / C200


Service Kit, Mk 16, 18 / Mk 18 UL


Service Kit, Mk 25 / MK 20


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Repair policy -

  • Unless the customer provides proof of SCUBAPRO only warranty (Copy of your receipt of purchase from an authorized retailer, warranty card, etc.) the cost of parts will be added to the estimate.
  • We are not responsible for damages to the product during shipment
  • Photos of the product shall be taken on receiving the package as well as after servicing and packing the product before sending it back to the customer.
  • All replaced parts replaced will also be shipped back with the product to the customer


Warranty –

  • Temple through SCUBAPRO will, at its option, repair or replace without charge any warranted component or replacement part that is defective in materials or workmanship.
  • This warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper usage, improper maintenance, neglect of care or maintenance or repair service performed by someone other than an authorized SCUBAPRO dealer.
  • Scubapro Products sold through non authorized web sites or dive shops will not be supported by Warranty, in the case of overseas dealers selling via the web this is contrary to Scubapro's dealer agreements for in-country sales and you may have to return a product to the place of purchase for any warranty claim. Products sold by Local dealer are supported by the local Distributor.
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