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Enriched Air Nitrox Course

More Value for your Course

₹ 14,000 INR *

Nitrox is now available in India! Learn about the benefits and considerations associated with diving Nitrox from 21-40% Oxygen enriched air, and get the most value out of your fun diving time! You'll be able to analyze cylinder contents,plan your EANx dives with tables or computer,safely increase your no-stop limit & shorten your surface intervals.


Day Morning Afternoon
1 -- 14:00 Nitrox Theory and Knowledge Reviews
2 06:45 Ocean Dive 1 & 2 14:00 Debriefing


  • All gear rental
  • All PADI Certification Fees
  • Breakfast and Snacks & water on the Boat

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  • Can be combined with any Course

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