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Dive Center Equipment

Deep Down we want the Best

You’re learning to dive, or continuing your education after a great Open Water Course, going on a fun dive just because you love it, or ticking one off the bucket list. Would you prefer state of the art, clean, serviced and 100% functioning equipment, that breathes easily with no leaks, cuts, scratches or damage? Or old gear, leaking, faded and breathing very hard, obviously not serviced in month/years/ever? The choice is of course, obvious. The good, newish, serviced gear. We choose to use Scubapro, who we believe is the best dive equipment manufacturer, but whatever brand you use, or a dive centre uses, make sure it breathes well, looks decent, and has been serviced. And ask about all that! If you say “When was this last serviced?” and your instructor/guide either cant tell you, or is unsure of what “servicing” means, might be best not to dive that day.

Feel free to ask any of our team about our equipment, both retail and school. Ask when it was serviced, and why they believe it is the best. Feel free to inspect our service facility, and ask for your regs or BCDs to be checked or replaced if you personally don’t feel they are ok (NB – They are, but we are very happy to check again )

Remember, this is life support equipment in an otherwise inhospitable environment. It must be 100% as per factory functioning! At Temple we pride ourselves on our equipment quality and cleanliness levels. And we hope you enjoy it on every dive you have with us.

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