2nd Annual Mahabs Classic

7th - 9th August, 2015

Today a dream spreads its wings and takes to the skies : announcing the arrival of the "Mahabs Surf Classic 2015"
The gods shower their blessings, the patriarchs whisper their assent, the village elders nod their heads in agreement, the powers that be give us the go ahead, the superstars, the rockstars, the young and young at heart are raring to go.

Now comes the most vital part : YOU

Spread the word ye lovers of surfing - the second edition of the Mahabs Surf Classic is officially on.
To those who cannot deny the pull of the Shangri-la of surfing, we are pleased to roll out the welcome, your very own red carpet and bamboo and palm frond matting; to receive you on the 7,8 and 9 of August 2015.
Come share the love that the surfing family extends to one and all.
You know what to do : Like, Share, Invite friends and family, spread the word to the world at large. It is a grand world out there.

How the 1st Indian Surfing Competition
Mahabalipuram Classic 2011 looked

A big thanks to everyone who participated or attended this terrific inaugural event. An unexpected 70 competitors and 1000s of spectators from around India showed a strong support and love for the growing sport of surfing in India.

A very big thanks goes to the local Mahabalipuram surfers (above) and Temple Surf Team for hosting the event and ensuring a fun, safe and relaxed atmosphere for everyone over the entirety of the weekend

Respect and thanks to all the surfers and schools that travelled from around India to attend. we were honored to have representatives from Vizagapatam - Andara Pradesh, Kovalam - Kerala, Mangalore, Mulki and Gokarna - Karnataka, and of course Auroville and Pondicherry.

Proud sponsors of the event include Ocean and Earth Surfing Equipment, Temple Adventures India, Idly Surfing Wax Afton Health and Fitness Equipment India and Shanti Cafe Mahabalipuram

Championship Results



     Age Group      




<20 YearsWinner


<20 YearsSecond


20-30 BeginnersWinner


20-30 BeginnersSecond


20-30 AdvancedWinner


20-30 AdvancedSecond


30-40 yearsWinner


30-40 yearsSecond


40+ LegendsWinner


40+ LegendsSecond

And we were very lucky - some of the legends of Indian Surfing attended, The Surfing Swamis

The crew by Sunday had diminished a little from the start of the saturdays heats, but we still had a few boards around for some party shots after the presentation on the beach stage

Waves started on Friday at maximum of around 4ft, great in the mornings. The small swell held up all day saturday, up to 3ft, and Sunday a little less. Although on the smaller side, there was something to surf! Great for all ages and abilities. Really, the best you could ask for on a weekend like this!

Judging was interesting with the crowds sometimes getting a little too over zealous and active. Alot of spirit, cheering and encouragement, combined with some very close results led to some tense moments during and after the sessions.

Of course, this weekend wasn't all about the championship, but mostly for meeting, greeting and getting to know the other surfers from this country. We all met some great and inspiring people, made contacts for the future and helped Indian surfing grow.

The presentation was held after the Sunday program. As mentioned in the subsequent newspaper reports, everyone had coped a good battering by the roaring temps and sun on that day. red arms and faces were crammed into the Shanti Cafe, prizes, awards and announcements were given. And a few refreshements enjoyed.

The winners with the Mahabalipuram Surf Classic Ocean and Earth, and Afton Fitness and Health equipment signs.

Another piece of news was the newly created Indian Surfing Forum. The aim of this site is to allow information to surfers around India and the world on the surf scene here. It is to be used for discussions on swell, conditions, historic seasonal data, equipment, training and more. primarily we see it as a way for all the areas to stay in contact with each other on a forum based site. In a smaller way it also acts advertising for your schools and gear sales for your shops. Anyway, it is still very much under production, so please give it time. If you find difficulties, let us know.

The Master Blasters

We were pleased to announce the launch of a new line of surfing wax, made by Temple Surfers. Although still experimental, reports so far have been very encouraging. It is perhaps even too sticky! Anyway, 50 free bars of the new improved "idly Surfing Wax" were given out for everyone to try. Let us know what you thought! Oh, if you like it, there's more where that came from too!!

After party band rocked out the beach.....

The other important announcement was of the sponsorship of an Indian Surfer. Temple Adventures has offered a 1 year sponsorship contract to Santosh of Mahabalipuram, to ride for them and Ocean and Earth in all national events, and of course daily in his pursuit to improve his placement in the next championship. Congratulations Santaosh, you deserve it mate! Keep up the early mornings!!

Prizes were given out to the winners and second place for categories <20, 20-30 beg and 20-30 adv. Winners received Ocean and Earth surfing equipment packs including Grip Pad, Leash and Rash Vest courtesy of Temple Adventures India, Second prize was 5000 INR courtesy of Afton Health and Fitness Equipment India.

30-40 and 40+ received really cool trophies and "Master Legend" status instead.

And so, it comes to an end for the first time. Nothing like this has happened in India prior to this event. The natural thinking was that it would continue, with phrases such as "oh, we can try that next year" being used freely. We all definitely learned alot and can only improve and make an even better go of it next time. Again thanks to all, see you soon!

2011 Ocean and Earth Indian Surf Championship Mahabalipuram Aug 13 and 14

Ocean & Earth Surfing Competition. India's 1st Surf Championship

Here is a pic of one our local government ministers carving it up!
(Just joking, but we are trying to get them in the water)