When the surf is up the town has a great wave off the point and a tasty little beach break. We also conduct surf safaris up and down the coast dependant on the conditions. The radius is approximately 50kms from Mahabalipuram depending on the conditions and the quality of breaks.

Surfing Lessons

Before you can surf, you must be able to swim and this will be assessed before you begin. Following your assessment, you watch a surfing video covering the basics of surfing, how to stand up, how and when to catch a wave and learning surf conditions.

Following this, you are ready to get wet. Depending on your experience, we start with a body board and fins to emphasise the theory from the video. Once you are confidently catching waves, then we start on the surf boards.

Depending on your natural ability, you should be standing up within a couple of hours. The length of time you can stay out for is highly dependant on your fitness level. Thus, many people choose to spread their lessons over a few days to get the full benefit of their time in town, and also with our beautiful instructor!.

For Surfing Lessons call Mukesh +91-9789-844-191

Surf Safaris

Seasonal Safari's coming soon!!

Equipment Rental

We have a range of surfboards, bodyboards, fins and assorted toys. Generally however we only rent gear to those who have taken lessons with us. This is due to the high cost and logistics of actually getting the equipment here. So, if we train you up and see you can handle the gear with care, please just ask. There are however, other boards around town for those who do not want lessons, from where you can rent with no prior assessment.


Bodyboards per hour        100-200 (price dependent on board)
Surfboards per (price dependent on board)
Surfing (3 Hours)
Bodyboarding (3 Hours)
Ocean Swimming (2 Hours)

Mahabalipuram Shore Temple Surf Report and Forecast