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Pondicherry Dive Sites and Dive Pricing

We have great sites ranging from traditional man-made "reefs", rocky outcrops, and beautiful, untouched natural coral reefs. For a few recent photos of the life under the Pondy waters, see our Facebook page Temple Adventures Facebook Page

There is a diverse range of corals, lion fish, grouper, kingfish, moray eels, eagle and manta rays, parrot fish, sea snakes, triggerfish, butterflys, angels, bannerfish, crustaceans...... and if you're lucky, even sharks, whale sharks, mantas, turtles and dolphins!

The Legendary Months
February - April and September - November are the best months of Scuba Diving Pondicherry has to offer. Changes in currents produces calm and still waters and 20m-30m visibility. Due to the demand in this season BOOK asap to avoid disappointment. Please see the Visibility Chart at the bottom of our Forecasts page for more info

Pondicherry Diving Seasons
We are open all year, as there is always fun to be had and great underwater experiences to enjoy! In saying that, the best months are from January - June and September - November. Try to plan your diving experiences for during our best seasonal times! Due to the demand in these peak seasons please BOOK asap to avoid disappointment.

For all Introductory/Beginner Scuba Diving Programs and Scuba Diving Courses, please refer to our Learn to dive page for information

Some of our Dive Sites

30 years of diving in Pondicherry has led to the discovery of some amazing dive sites here. Most have been discovered, marked, and mapped more recently with the use of modern equipment such as GPS and Sonar. It is a pleasure to dive on sites found by the pioneers of diving in Pondicherry. It is also special to find something new, previously never before seen by human eyes. All of our sites are excellent in both marine life and topography.
We train alot of people to Open Water, prior to their trips overseas, to the Andaman Islands, or for mainland diving. The locals of Pondy, and our regular divers all complete their Advanced Diver certifications, allowing them to experience all of Pondy's spectacular underwater beauty. The deeper areas are reserved for Deep and Tri-Mix divers.

We encourage all divers that join us here to take an EANx Nitrox, Enriched Air Speciality Course. This enables divers to greatly extend their underwater time, while shortening surface intervals. This certification can be used around the world and is a great asset for years of enjoyable diving.

The below listed sites are just a few of the terrific sites in Pondy. We plan our dive days dependent on the divers attending, experience levels, weather conditions and predicted visibility. Some of the locations we keep to ourselves, some others we are happy to show you. This is a small selection :)
4 Corners
One of our premier traditional reef areas. Up to 18M depth, 4 corners is a great place for open water divers, and refresh courses. It has an abundance of marine life within it's structures of trees, rocks and palm leaf towers. This is the main area we find off shore cruising dolphins, in groups from 3-50. In addition, always in attendance are groupers, barracudas, lionfish, butterflys, banners, torperdo rays, and more.
 Av. vis 7M
Temple Reef
This site was named both after it's creators (Temple Adventures) and the shape of the site on the ocean floor. It is an amazing artificial reef, consisting of fully recycled materials such as concrete, rocks, trees, palms, and iron bars. Nearby is a terrific wreck. How did that scooter rider get so far out to sea? Residents include Steve the Grouper (50kg+), Casandra the yellow Frog fish, and many, many more. At maximum 18m depth, this site has 100+ species living on it, and must be seen to be believed
 Av. vis 9M
Cool Shark Reef
A great site that caters for all levels of diver. From snorkelers on the surface, intro divers at 5M, down through DSD at 12M, Open water and then Advanced. The maximum depth is 23M, where the real beauties are found. The site's namesake is sometimes found around the 14-19M mark, coming in for a quick look and heading off again. This site is a natural reef comprised of small reef balls (scattered corals rising from the sandy bottom) and is helped with some small additions in the way of trees and towers.
 Av. vis 11M
Aravind's Wall
Aravind's Wall is fast becoming famous around India (especially after the last Whale Shark, and recent Manta Ray sightings). This Wall is the ultimate drift dive. After we found the wall, and kept researching, it was such a large area, natural progression led us to break it up into different dive sites. Currently we dive on 12 different areas of the Aravind's Wall, all of them special in their own way. Below are some of the more famous ones (not the secret ones!)
 Av. vis 14M
A site named due to its deep flowing cuts in the rocky reef bed. From 30M, you will enjoy following the rises and ridges of the bottom topography, finding a huge range of life along the way. Apart from the great farm-like plants here, this place is also legendary for being where our first Manta Ray was spotted. Yes, indeed, a Manta.
 Av. vis 12M
The Hole
Discovered in March 2011, this is a great site for Advanced divers, and even better for those with a Deep diver qualification. The dive starts from 30M with an undulating reef bottom. The central part of this dive is the "hole" area. For Advanced divers, look down from the top. For Deep divers, come down with us and look into the never ending blackness all around that extends under the rock shelves. Take a torch and you can see a little further. This is where some of the really big creatures hide, staring out at us from the dark!
 Av. vis 15M
NEW!!! Danny's Eel Sanctuary
Discovered in June 2014, this site is jam pack with, you guessed it, Moray Eels. A rocky bottom topography, also in abundance are trigger fish, trevally, scorpion and frog fish, plus of course the usual tropical zone creatures such as banners, butterflys, etc.
 Av. vis 10M

Scuba Diving Prices: Prices per person

Fun Diving Day, Qualified Divers only (2 Dives, 1 day) 5,000 (Includes Govt service tax of 14.5%. Note: 500 inr surcharge on Deep Wall and Wreck dives. 500 inr discount on inland lake dives)

Full Equipment Rental is available at 1000 inr per day (NB - Equipment cost is already included in PADI course fees, however if divers purchase their own equipment during the programs, discounts may be applied to the course - please refer to the bottom of this page, and at the dive centre reception, for details)

Entry Level Courses
Discover Scuba Diving (1 Dive, 1 day) 6,800
Scuba Diver (2 Dives, 2 days) 16,000
Open Water Diver (4 Dives, 4 days) 24,500

Continuing Education Courses
Advanced Open Water Diver (5 Dives, 2 days) 18,000
Rescue (4 Dives, 4 days) 25,000
EFR First Aid (1 day) 9,500

Specialty Courses
EANx Nitrox (2 Dives, 2 days) 13,000
Wreck Diver (4 Dives, 2 days) 16,000
Deep Diver (4 Dives, 2 days) 15,000
DPV Diver Propulsion Vehicle (2 Dives, 2 Days) - 15,000
Search & Recovery Diver (4 dives, 2 days) - 16,000

Career Processional Courses
Please refer to our
Careers page for more info

Courses and Equipment Packages:

OW + Adv OW (10 Dives, 8 days) 39,000
Rescue + EFR (4 Dives, 5 days) 33,000
OW + Adv OW + Rescue/EFR + 6 fun dives (20 Dives, 16 days) 75,000

nitrix padi speciality diving scuba

Nitrox is available for just per tank.

Instructors and guides, 2 tanks, boat fees, light lunch and cool drinks are included in all our courses and diving days.

10% Discounts on Fun Diving apply to:

Groups of 5 or more
Dive Industry Professionals
Ex Temple Divers PADI Students
Pondy Diver's Club members
Chennai Dive Club members

Diving Pros working actively in India
Max total discount is 20%. Discounts do not apply to PADI courses.

Discounts which apply to PADI Courses: Purchase any of the Equipment Packages shown at our equipment page and you will receive a 10% discount off your next PADI course! (does not apply to Pro levels)

All divers must be at the centre by 6:30am. If you are late, you may be left behind.

In addition, all fees to be paid prior to course/dive day beginning.
All prices quoted are in Indian Rupees. For easy conversion please visit to see the equivalency in your preferred currency.

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