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PADI Speciality Courses

PADI Specialty courses will extend your training and provide you with more in depth skills and experience to enhance diving, while having fun learning! Here is a list of what is currently on offer, the time they take to complete, plus costing. All courses come with a terrific PADI manual, include equipment use, instructor and PADI Specialty certification card.

Speciality Days Dives Price
EANx Nitrox Diver1.5 Days213000
Deep Diver2 Days415000
Sidemount Diver3 Days424500
Wreck Diver2 Days416000
Drift Diver1.5 Days212000
Digital Underwater Photography1.5 Days212000
Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV)1.5 Days213000
Search & Recovery Diver2 Days415000
Boat Diver1.5 Days211000
Underwater Navigation2 Days315000
Peak Performance Buoyancy1.5 Days211000
Underwater Videography2 Days313000
Altitude Diver1.5 Days211000
Underwater Naturalist1.5 Days211000
Tec Rec Gas Blender0.5 Days09500
Oxygen Provider0.5 Days09000
Marine Conservationist0.5 Days05500
Project AWARE0.5 Days05500


• Must have the pre-requisities for the speciality courses

• All equipment required for the courses are included

Sign up for 4 specialties and don't pay for the cheapest one!

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Speciality Courses