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Let's Go Dive Pondicherry! - Deep sea diving 365 days a year

For all Introductory, DSD, and Dive Experience programs for non-swimmers, please refer to our Dive Experience page for information

PADI Scuba Diving Certification Courses

Our PADI courses are run by our experienced PADI Instructors, aided by qualified assistants. Courses can be taught in English, French, German, Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi. All recreational course prices include full equipment use, PADI certification, theory materials, sea and pool dives as required, boat hire, snacks and drinks onboard

E-Learning - We encourage our students to use PADI's new e-learning method of theory based training. This applies to Open Water, Advanced diver, Rescue, EANx Nitrox and now Divemaster certifications.
2 days, 3 Enclosed pool sessions, theory and 2 open water dives. Being approximately half of the Open Water course, the student is qualified to a depth of 12m to dive anywhere in the world while accompanied by an Instructor or certified assistant.
PADI Open Water Diver
4 days, 5 enclosed pool sessions, theory and 4 open water dives. The most common entry course into scuba diving. A very fun way to enter into Scuba diving, the student learns all the basic skills to be a safe and confident diver. Qualified to a depth of 18m, the student can now travel and dive anywhere in the world.

Courses start every Thursday and Saturday (approximately 7am-4pm)

START YOUR COURSE FROM HOME RIGHT NOW with E-learning! Click the e-learning link below for online knowledge development prior to course commencing.

SPECIAL! - PADI Open Water + Advanced Open Water  39,

PADI eLearning
Adventure Diver
1-2 Days, Includes 3 adventure dives which all lead into each PADI speciality. After completion of this course the student can complete the Advanced diver certification with only 2 more dives.Please note e-learning link below for online knowlege development prior to course commencing.
PADI eLearning
PADI Advanced Diver
2-3 Days, 5 adventure dives. An adventure dive is the equivalent first dive of each PADI specialty certification. Due to the compulsory deep dive, students are upgraded from 18m in open water to 30m depth, now being able to reach wrecks, reefs and other sites that were before before beyond their training.Please note e-learning link below for online knowledge development prior to course commencing. Become an Advanced diver to access the full potential of Pondy's dive sites!!

Course starts every Thursday and Saturday (approximately 7am-2pm)
PADI eLearning
EFR Emergency First Responder (First Aid)
At just 1 Day, this first aid course may be taken by anyone, even non-divers! An EFR course is a must, however, for all divers pursuing a Rescue Diver qualification. You are taught both primary and secondary care first aid, including CPR, injury management, bandaging, risk assessment and much more. This is an internationally recognised qualification in the same strain as St Johns or Red Cross entry level courses.
PADI Rescue Diver
4 Days, Rescue Scenarios and 4 Open Water dives. This is a must for all frequent divers. Surface and underwater scenario practice of conscious, unconscious and panicked divers, along with a full range of diving accident simulations. A very fun course due to its "role-playing" nature, it is recommended that all divers participate in this to broaden their skills and promote diver safety.

Courses start twice a month. Contact us for the next start date.

SPECIAL!!! PADI Rescue Diver + EFR First Aid Responder  33,
Dive Master
18 days minimum, 1 month recommended, up to 6 month internship. This is the first professional level of PADI diving. It can be a short intense course or a long learning curve. In the end, the more practice the better, so we encourage all our DMT's to stay for a couple of months and really live and learn with us what running a dive school is about and the ways and methods of our various Instructors. (Not included - PADI application fee, scuba equipment, training materials and annual membership dues).
Zero to Hero/Dive Master
PADI Assistant Instructor
PADI Instructor
 900 Euro
EFR Instructor
PADI Specialties
Enriched air (Nitrox) 2 Dives, 2 days 13,
Deep (40m) 4 Dives, 2 days 15,
Sidemount Diver (2 cylinders) 4 Dives, 2 days 24,
Wreck 4 Dives, 2 days 16,
Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) 2 Dives, 1 day 15,
Search and Recovery 4 Dives, 2 days 16,
Altitude Diver 2 Dives, 1 day 11,
Digital Underwater Photography 2 Dives, 1 day 12,
Underwater Videography 3 Dives, 2 days 13,
Drift Diver 2 Dives, 1 day 12,
Boat Diver 2 Dives, 1 day 11,
Peak Performance Buoyancy 2 Dives, 1 day 11,
Underwater Navigation 3 Dives, 2 days 15,
Gas Blender 4 Hours 9,
Emergency Oxygen Provider 4 Hours 9,
Project AWARE 4 Hours 5,

For more information on Dive courses, and all scuba diving available both in Pondicherry, and all over India please visit the PADI website at