scuba diving divers underwater safety stop

scuba diving divers underwater safety stop

scuba diving divers underwater safety stop

scuba diving divers underwater safety stop

Free Diving - Apnea

Free Diving is the art of holding your breath and diving underwater.
There is currently no free diving organisation in mainland India and therefore no competitions as yet.

If you are interested in more than just snorkeling then it is highly recommended you take a Free Diving course. The course will teach you the basics and the concepts of breath-hold (apnea) diving including spearfishing and the necessary safety skills. required for you to participate in a safe and enjoyable manner.

We are the only Free Diving School in India and can qualify students to 1, 2 and 3 star AIDA level. At the completion of each course you will recieve an International AIDA certifcation. You can join our group and follow us on Facebook, India Freediving

AIDA 1 Star *

Introduction to breath-hold diving, or apnea. It is for snorkelers who love the idea of diving underneath the surface, and for people who suspect that freediving is for them, but want to make sure before committing to a full Beginner Freediving course. Also, If you need to obtain specialised freedivng equipment (computers, fins, low vol mask) we know the people to speak to.

Time : 1 day
Cost : 8,000 INR

AIDA 2 Star **

As a (yet) non-freediver you get introduced to a fun activity, which allows you to spend more time below the surface to observe marine life, take photos or spearfish. The complete Beginner Freediving course for people who are already comfortable underneath the water.

Time : 2 days
Cost : 14,000 INR

The next 2 Star Course will start at the beginning of July 2012. Dates to be finalised closer to that time. Email us with your interest.

AIDA 3 Star ***

This course will give you the knowledge and skills to freedive independently with experienced free diving buddies. You will be taught the necessary rescue skills, how to prepare and plan a dive including preparing for a max depth or max length attempt.

Time : 3/4 days
Cost : 20,000 INR

The next 3 Star Course will start at the beginning of May 2015. Email us with your interest.

Included in all courses

Boat costs
Weight Belt

Other Activities

Boat - Fun Day - Must be able to dive to 20m+
Cost : 3,000 INR

Training Day with Instructor - Pool
Cost : 3,000 INR

Training Day with Instructor - Open Water
Cost : 4,000 INR

Pool disciplines

Static Apnea is timed breath holding and is usually attempted in a pool (AIDA).

Dynamic Apnea With Fins. This is underwater swimming in a pool for distance. For this discipline the athlete can choose whether to use bi-fins or the monofin (AIDA, CMAS).

Dynamic Apnea Without Fins. This is underwater swimming in a pool for distance without any swimming aids like fins (AIDA).

Depth disciplines

For all AIDA disciplines, the depth the athlete will attempt is announced before the dive. This is accepted practice for both competitions and record attempts.

Constant Weight Apnea. The athlete has to dive to the depth following a guide line that he or she is not allowed to actively use during the dive. The ‘Constant Weight’ (French: "poids constant") refers to the fact that the athlete is not allowed to drop any diving weights during the dive. Both bi-fins and monofin can be used during this discipline (AIDA).

Constant Weight Apnea Without Fins follows the identical rules as Constant Weight, except no swimming aids such as fins are allowed. This discipline is the youngest discipline within competitive freediving and is recognised by AIDA International since 2003 (AIDA).

Free Immersion Apnea is a discipline in which the athlete uses the vertical guiderope to pull him or herself down to depth and back to the surface. It is known for its ease compared with the Constant Weight disciplines, while the athlete is still not allowed to release weights (AIDA).

Variable Weight Apnea is a record discipline that uses a weighted sled for descent. Athletes return to the surface by pulling themselves up along a line or swimming while using their fins (AIDA).

No-Limits Apnea is a record discipline that allows the athlete to use any means of breath-hold diving to depth and return to the surface as long as a guideline is used to measure the distance. Most divers use a weighted sled to dive down and use an inflatable bag to return to the surface (AIDA).

Each organization has its own rules on recognizing an attempt. These can be found on the website from the respective organizations.