"Born too late to explore the lands, born too early to explore the space, but born at the right time to be exploring the underwater!!"" Well, the team at Temple Adventures on the East Coast of India are doing this on a regular basis, and are taking divers to see these new discoveries daily. Continuing the research and discovery projects of Graham Hancock, we have been diving here since 2007 and have found both amazing reef and marine life, and located and mapped ancient areas of land and structures up to 25,000 years old.

We are India's first and only East Coast PADI Scuba Diving Center, based in beautiful Pondicherry, where we like to "Give time an underwater break"! Currently diving at more than 20 underwater sites ranging from 12m to 50m depth, with average ocean temperatures of 28 C and visibility up to 30M. We provide training and certification in all PADI scuba diving courses such as Open Water, Advanced, Deep, Nitrox and Divemaster, plus will guide qualified divers through some of the amazing dive sites in the area.

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March 27, 2017

Research and Fun This week started with a dive into the ocean, as always. A very friendly group of adventure nomads from Rajasthan and Gujarat visited our dive shop. Scuba Diving was probably one of the very few things left for them to do. They breezed through the training sessions and were all set for […]

March 20, 2017

Riding the Currents This past week, were you diving with us, you would have noticed a new resident at our hallmark dive site, Temple Reef- a groovy moray eel. Also, that was not a ginormous fish you saw, that was actually Sam with a camera. If you haven’t dived with us, do pop in and spend some […]

March 14, 2017

The week that was 6th to 12th March 2017 Diving in the Deep This awesome last week, started off with us giving a tour of our legendary deep site, The Wall to the team from Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI), 16 km off the shore. They were interested in the flora and fauna our waters hold, […]